Carpet Cleaning

At Certified Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we uphold the highest standard of carpet cleaning in our field.  Our technicians are fully trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) and we are fully insured.

Your carpets act like a filter for dirt, dust, food particles, allergens and pollutants, and like all filters, should be cleaned regularly. We recommend every 6-12 months.

At Certified we have the credentials and the knowledge to get the best results in the industry.

Using this knowledge we have no need to over wet carpets , therefore eliminating the risk of mould,mildew,carpet shrinking, stretching and not to mention bad odours.

Offering dry cleaning (dry in under 2 hours) and steam cleaning (dry in under 4 hours) and using only the best products, we don't leave behind any dirt attracting sticky residues that will cause your carpets to get dirtier even faster

Your carpets are an expensive investment and can be ruined if incorrectly cleaned.

So please be sure to use a trained and certified firm like Certified Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.

Upholstery Cleaning

Lounge suites, arm chairs and dining chairs all receive a lot of daily attention, especially in home with children and pets. Dirt and grime from clothes, body oils and everyday spills are all transferred onto your furniture.  Whilst this is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be permanent.  Fortunately, Certified Carpet Cleaning and Restoration uses only the best products along with our knowledge to avoid over wetting your upholstery, drying in 3 hours or under, not 2 days, eliminating the chance of any nasty mould or mildew growth. Regular upholstery cleaning will extend the life of your sofa and give you piece of mind that a fully trained professional is taking care of the health of your family.  We can do any form of upholstery cleaning from Ottomans to dining chairs to car and caravan interiors.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Most people have tile and grout in their house or work place, usually being in the places that get a lot of heavy traffic.

Sure you can mop regularly, but this is only doing half the job.

Mopping pushes around the surface dirt and grime. Grout is porous, and can absorb this dirty water.

After years of doing this, your grout lines will look significantly dirtier.

Certified use only the best products and machinery, restoring your grout lines to look new again.

As well as cleaning your tile and grout we can also seal them, protectecting them from future spills and general wear and tear.

So no more down on your hands and knees scrubbing dirty grout lines.

Let Certified do all the hard work when it comes to your  tile and grout cleaning.


Leather Cleaning & Protection

While leather upholstered couches look fantastic, they can be susceptible to cracking, fading, dryness, scuffs and scratches.  Build up dust, direct sunlight, body oils and grease can all contribute to these issues.  Our certified technician can extend the life of your valuable investment by professionally cleaning and protecting it with our specially formulated solution.  Producing exceptional results, that over the counter products simply cannot achieve.


Water Damage

You don’t have to have had a flooded house to have water damage.  Something as simple as a leaking pipe, an overflowed sink, or a leaking air conditioner, can all cause extreme damage to your carpet, underlay and sub floor.  Without professional assistance, water damage can lead to mould, mildew and even structural problems.  Certified Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is available for emergency water damage call outs in carpets, rugs and upholstery.  Our technicians are fully trained and certified by the IICRC to assist you with your water damaged areas.

Carpet Protection

Certified can aid in the upkeep and look of your carpet even after we have left.  By applying  carpet protection it will provide an invisible barrier between your freshly cleaned carpet and any everyday spills such as red wine and cordial. Carpet protection prevents these spills from penetrating the carpet fibres.  Over time the manufacturers applied stain resistant treatments become less effective.  Protection rejuvenates this stain resistance and will make your next carpet cleaning experience even more impressive.

Specialty Stain Removal

As much as we try to prevent them, accidents do happen.  Unfortunately, red wine spills, dropped food and your daughters make up stains will always exist, and not always be removed by a general carpet clean.  Luckily, Certified carpet cleaning has numerous products to treat all types of stains on all types of carpets and rugs.  We have a great deal of success with these specially formulated products.  Don’t let these stains ruin the appearance of your home anymore and call Certified today.

Carpet Repair and Re-Stretching

Certified carpet cleaning are also your certified professionals in carpet repairs as well as carpet re-stretching. If you have any damaged carpet such as cigarette burns,iron marks, seams coming apart or unsightly ripples in your carpet, we can restore it.




While an area rug is a great looking addition to any room the amount of traffic they receive means they can become dirty very quickly.  When sitting on hard floors, rugs can act as a filter for dust, dirt, bacteria, food particles and allergens.

The good news is Certified Carpet Cleaning and Restoration specialises in Rug Cleaning.  We can clean and protect just about all types of rugs and carpet rugs.

Whether you would like your rug picked up and cleaned at our facility or cleaned on site you can trust that our certified technician will handle it with care and achieve a desirable result.

Upholstery Protection

Over time the manufactures applied protection breaks down and allows spills to penetrate the fibre dye sites.  Certified can apply our protectant after an upholstery clean which will create an invisible barrier between your upholstery fibres and spills – causing liquids to bead up instead of penetrating the fibres.  Leaving it cleaner for longer and making for even better results when you next get a Certified upholstery clean

Mattress Cleaning

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs that are commonly found in every home.

It’s a fact that all mattresses harbour dust mites, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Dust mites breed and leave behind tiny proteins.  It’s these proteins  that can cause allergic reactions such as sinus problems, skin irritations and the development of asthma. Since we spend one third of our lives sleeping,  it makes sense to keep our mattresses clean and in optimum condition. We use safe, non toxic anti-allergen products which neutralises, cleans and sanitises. Regular mattress cleaning will keep the nasties away….. leaving behind only a perfect night’s sleep.

What is Certified Carpet Cleaning and Restoration?

Certified is your local IICRC Certified Firm. We specialise in spot, stain and pet urine removal, as well as leather, vinyl, mattress, rug, cleaning, protection and sanitising.

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